Daily Money Management ...  a simple system for sorting mail, recording and paying bills, and filing important receipts and papers. We will help you set it up or come to you on a regular basis to get it done.
Organizational Renovation  ...  gently leading the charge toward decreasing clutter in your home or office. Creating order out of chaos and maintaining it can help change how you feel about your space.
Household Administration Services ...  managing any to all aspects of running your household: mail; bill-paying; reporting; tax material preparation; contractors and vendors; appointments; and more. Special projects or ongoing management.
Trust & Estate Administration ...  efficient tracking and reporting of financial transactions and reimbursements for trusts & estates.
Personal Financial Coaching ...  dynamic instruction and support for creating and maintaining financial controls and goals. Using Quicken™ software and other tools, learn how to live happily within a budget, plan for the future, and stop living hand to mouth.

                           Member, American Association of Daily Money Managers

                           Member, Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

                            Member, Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce
                            Aging In Place Business Round Table
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