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A Hint of What I Do...

by Charlotte Drummond on 11/13/12

Sometimes that neat little elevator description of one's business just doesn't really communicate what we actually DO. So when I tell you I provide organizational, administrative, and accounting assistance to individuals, trusts, and estates, do you envision some of what that might look like or do your eyes glaze over? I'm thinking the latter. 

Enter a community gem named Elizabeth Swider, owner of Care Is There Geriatric Care Management. Elizabeth almost single-handedly turned a local monthly gathering of small business owners providing services to seniors into a sparkling, dynamic conference of possibilities. Now 50-60 individuals strong, the Aging In Place Business Round Table meets one Friday morning a month and shares resources, information, laughs, and a little something about ourselves so we understand community options and can refer confidently.

Early on, Elizabeth started recording our presentations in order to post them as a community service on, which is another amazing story. Suffice it to say this video would not exist without Elizabeth's efforts.

In this short presentation, I outlined two helpful documents I use with clients that you might find helpful as well. The first is called a Legacy Checklist and can guide you in finally gathering important papers in one place so someone can find them when necessary. The second is an example of a worksheet to compile details about all your various insurance policies in one place. 

Since these are not the most exciting ways to spend time, folks usually just don't get around to it. Which is why I coach. Sometimes all it takes is someone along for the ride to turn a chore into an accomplishment.

Tech Take: iPhone Scanner GeniusScan

by Charlotte Drummond on 09/10/12

Downsizing, de-cluttering, keeping life simple ... once you start, it can become a little bit of an obsession. Fortunately, the effort to maximize the usefulness of every item you own becomes a lot easier when you factor in a smart phone. There are tons of tools these days to help reduce or eliminate the space needed for a dedicated office. 

Whereas FAX machines have gone the way of the cassette tape, a utilitarian scanner is still a must. Instead of replacing it when your's expires, consider an app for that. 

Two years ago, I downloaded Smart Scanner, which turned out to be more frustrating than it was worth. The idea is to simplify my life, not complicate it, so I did a little more research.

Genius Scan had great reviews so down it came. I'm delighted to report it is a piece of cake to use, you can create multi-page files and even add a page to a file you created earlier, rotate pages, change from B&W to color and back, create a PDF or a JPEG, and then send it by email or to a printer, or even save it to your Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive accounts. 

Now, I have an entire office in my pocket! 

Tech Take: Business Card Reader

by Charlotte Drummond on 08/02/12 is a great site for clients and colleagues of the better-than-50 community. Check out my blog post today on the card reader app, CardMunch... 

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